Best Card For My Machine/Budget Please

First of all my machine at present ...

AMD 6000+ Dual Core @ 3.2Ghz CPU
4Gb DDR2 800Mhz Ram
9800GT 1Gb DDR2 GFX
700w Generic PSU
22" Widescreen @ 1920x1080

I only play Left 4 dead, Left 4 Dead 2 & Counter Strike Source - all of which run pretty decent as it is. My one moan is some graphics lag when i have hordes of zombies biting at my ass on L4D2 lol! So i am in the hunt for something to cut this out. There is soooo many different ATI model numbers out at present i can't make sense of them. Some 4 series are better then 5 series etc etc and same with nVidia.

I have around the £100 mark to upgrade this with 20-30 extra for the right card. My PSU is a generic thing with 1x 6 pin PCI-E - nothing flash and didnt wanna upgrade unless i had to.

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  1. GTS 250 or Radeon 5750.
  2. are they both similar on performance, worth the upgrade from 9800gt and which would YOU pick if ya had to?
  3. I would pick the radeon 5750 its more power efficient and supports directx 11.
  4. i have both the 9800GT and GTS 250, ran both with an Athlon x2 6000

    upgrading from the 9800GT to the GTS is not worth it, its also currently overpriced

    the 5750 offers slightly better performance then the GTS 250 but has DX11 support

    Since you play mostly Valve games, I would upgrade the CPU first if you can.
  5. You wont see much of a difference upgrading form 9800Gt to GTs 250

    but if you want crisp gaming you can go for 5850 or 5870 they overpower all games
    and they are great cards

    but as for you budget get the Gtx260 or 4890
  6. i have found this

    it looks cheap and nasty but comes with 2 years RTB warranty.

    would this fit my needs and what power connectors does it require?
  7. I've never even heard that brand... The HD4890 uses 2 6-pin power connectors. You could use an adapter but I would recommend the HD5770 instead. It's a bit slower than the HD4890 but it is newer, smaller, runs cooler, is DX11 compatible and has one power connector as it uses MUCH less power. It's also usually a decent amount cheaper.
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