How to fix plastic PCIe slot

I was taking my graphics card out of my case and I thought I had hit the little black tab. And it came out easy too. Then I realized that the PCIe's plastic slot was on the back of my graphics card. I've tried just shoving it back on but all the little metal wires want to come out of the sides of it.

Does anyone have a good idea of how to fix this? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Replace the motherboard.

    But seriously I don't know if this can be fixed... Good luck.
  2. damn be more carefull next time and press the little plastic notch at the back of the card before removing as it keeps it in your mobo manufacturer and request a replacement as I would not try to fix it myself and fry my video card at the end if you didnt do it correctly
  3. you may want to check the warranty on that. it wouldn't hurt to check if you can still return it.
  4. This would be very hard to fix. Those PCIe ports put out up to 75 watts of power. If 2 of those tiny wires short theres a good chance you will damage the video card. I would lookinto a new motherboard.
  5. I really don't need that particular PCIe slot because that's for if I want to SLI two GPU's. I had SLI but I found it to be too much of a hassle so I returned my second video card. And when I removed it this is what happened.

    In reality though, it should be very simple to fix. The plastic piece has 2 nobs, which need to be pushed into the motherboard. It's just that the all those little wires need to be pressed together in order for the plastic piece to slide over them. Then it would just press on. If I can find a way to press those wires together so they won't stick out of the plastic piece I think I'll be ok.

    Any thoughts? Does anyone know exactly what I'm talking about?
  6. I have a feeling the little metal contacts are pressed into the molded plastic port. And then the port is fitted to the motherboard, and the metal wires are soldered to the board last.

    But IF the metal contacts are attached to the board first, and then the plastic port is slid into place second, there must be a some sort of tool to align the whole mess when its being fitted together. If you can figure out what that tool might be called and where to get one you might have a chance.
  7. personally if i were in your situation, i'll just check if the system is stable and if the temp is fine. if it does then i won't mind it. <<<< just my personal input.
  8. Second crazy idea might be to remove the plastic pcie port alltogther and use wire cutters and cut all the pins so they dont touch each other.

    Now your board only has 1 pcie slot.
  9. Check out this article.

    The PCIe slots are fitted with the contatct first then floated on molten solder to connect them. I dont think you will be able to fit the plastic port back over the pins.
  10. THe black plastic piece that fits over these little wires is not soldered on are anything. It's simply pressed into the MoBo using two plastic pins. If I can get the wires to fit back into the plastic piece I could easily push those 2 pins in and it'll at least be in place.

    What makes you think that the plastic piece won't fit over the wires?
  11. hi,

    i try to unbury this thread..
    I have the exact same problem on a new motherboard.
    Did you find a solution?
  12. If you can unpower and make the slot safe with no chance of a short, then there would be no reason to worry about it.
  13. yeah but what about repair it ?
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