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Been searching the interwebs for an answer to this, so I'll pose my question to the forum.

I've been running Intel Smart Response on my Gigabyte z68 mobo for a few months now (30gb OCZ Nocti + 500gb HDD). Been pretty happy with it, but I was recently given a gift card to newegg, and the only thing that I'd like to buy but don't already have is a full on SSD. Looking at the 128gb Crucial M4.

My question is this... Would buying a SSD as an OS drive be a worthwhile upgrade to my existing SRT setup? And by worthwhile I mean a quantifiable increase in performance/usability. Or would I barely notice a difference? I'm not a huge power user, but I do swap between a few different games, as well as some light encoding/editing work.

Thanks for any response!
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    Yes, it would be a worthwhile upgrade.

    The general consensus is purchase the largest capacity ssd you can afford. Performance is superior to most caching schemes.

    The Crucial m4 128GB ssd is a good choice. It is popular with gamers and enthusiasts.
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