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I'm looking for a good heat sink of my CPU cooler, but I'll be replacing the fans that come with it with a Noctua fan. I have a budget of about 25$ for the heat sink. Also what's a good thermal paste?
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  1. Are you planning on overclocking ? what cpu ? I use a deepcool mc3002 gx on my 1100t and FX 8350 , keeps them under 40c stock clocks running all cores at 100% with WCG B O I N C under 53c with mpld overclock 1100 @3.8 8350 @4,4

    TIM Tronics grey ice 4200 is a very good thermal paste , 5.00 at frozen cpu
  2. I will be doing some mild overclocking, about 200-300 MHz on a 3770k.
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