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Help me choose a video card

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
March 12, 2010 1:13:10 PM


I would like to upgrade my video card (and a psu as well), my parents have bought a 32" LCD TV and I am planning to connect it to my PC so I can game. The HDTV is capable of 1080p.

Since I am on a budget, because if I upgrade the video card (I own a radeon HD4670), I will have to upgrade my PSU as well (I own a 400w PSU) I am not looking at the high end video cards.

I have read a lot of reviews but I can't decide which one to go for.
My choices are (GTS 250 - 5750 - 5770)

I know that of them the 5770 is the most powerful one. I do want to game, but It's not too important to me to game at max res (not lower than 1360 x 768 will be fine for me, and I own an E7400 @ 3.25GHz so I don't know if I could game at max res). I know that I can OC the radeon 5750 and get almost the performance of the 5700 at stock speeds). Which one will you choose If you were on a budget?

I do have some problems with buying online:
I don't live in the US and I will be making a short trip (5 days) to Orlando, FL. I don't have a US credit card, nor do I have the time to make a money order when I get there, so newegg won't be an option. I will have to buy it at a retail store. I was considering Bestbuy and Compusa. Do you guys know if there is another computer store where I can get better prices and more options of video cards in Orlando?

Thanks and have a great day

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