Overclocking intel e5700 @ stock

hey friends i really need help about overclocking the cpu.i do not know much knowledge regarding cpu overclocking.

my cousin has old pc it has intel e5700 dual core @3.0ghz with intel stock cooler.he has hd 7770 and it bottlenecks in games.he want to overclock that cpu to 3.3ghz with stock cooler,i know overclocking at stock is not reccomend but he will get cm cooler after 1 months.i had go through his bios and it can easily overclocks and i can raise fsb but i heard that we also have to tweak the voltages.but i am noob about overclocking.please suggest me proper steps and how to use prime95 software.

his specs:

intel e5700 @3.0ghz
gigabtye g41 s2p
4gb ddr3 ram
windows 7

his bios:

Cpu clock ratio - (15x)

Fine cpu clock ratio (+0.0)

Cpu host freqency fsb (200)

cpu v core - 1.28750 v

please help guys :)
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  1. i suggest that he waits till he get a proper cooler and oc it further
  2. Yes i know that but he still want to overclock to atleast 3.2 or 3.3ghz!
  3. theres no arguing with you lol
    here have fun and be careful and always watch the temps
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    Set volt to auto and raise fsb.
    Run stress tester like intel burn test or orthos to at least 8 hours for stability.
    if not stable then overclocking can wait for your friend to buy a cooler and if stable
    buy a cooler also then
    Since its a small mobo either buy a CM txt3 evo or a closed loop liquid cooler :sol:
  5. Ok thanks you both.i have question i heard before that there is technique in which we have to make small u shaped pin and place to socket of cpu.this make pc to fool to think that fsb is 1333mhz instead 800mhz.what is that method?
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