Is this an unstable Vcore

My CPU is Core 2 duo E6300 1.86Ghz (non OC) with my mainboard is asus p5kpl-am.
According to CPU-Z,My Vcore is 1.136->1.304->1.408->1.416 ( the average time of changing these numbers is 1 sec each switch)I'm so worry about this :cry: ,and what I can I do?
Replace my noname PSU with something?(and wich should I?)
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  1. whats the temps?
  2. Tj.max : 98*C /core 0 min 55 max 66/core 1 min 54 max 64 my average load is 20%
  3. temps seems good
    but get a proper psu since you cant trust a noname psu's out there lol
    but your cpu will get bottlnocked with future games and some currents ones
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