I-7 860 temp 2 of more cores/threads run 6c degrees hotter/ problem?

Hi just wondering if a couple two of my cores/threads run about 6c degrees hotter at all times on my xps studio 8100 i-7 860/5770 rad/Win 7 64 I noticed this because I use the intel core series gadget ? Is this something to worry about or not?I was also wondering about my motherboard/chipset which is H57 3400 intel chipset what are some other peoples opinon who maybe has had experience with similar setup I guess I was wondering if it was decent or bargin bin?I score a flat 5.00 cpu benchmark and 34 fps open GL benchmark using cinebench 11.5 and I having hard time finding place to compare other systems is this a decent score and where can I find a rating site for this benchmark?Thanks for any info!
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    I don't think you should worry too much, I doubt it would cause any problems. Core #0 & #2 (1 & 3) on my i7 run at around 6C hotter than cores #1 & #3.
  2. ^+1 two cores on my i7 860 run hotter as well and is normal from what i've read.
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