200-300 build and recycling question

So I'm trying to build a tower after being on the laptop for a few months due to total tower helldeath.

Im pretty sure my ram/cpu went bad on my old tower, when ever i install a new os to it after a hard drive failure i get a blue screen somewhere in the install.

once in awhile it will actually install the os but glitches out and becomes in operable in short order.

would it be a bad idea to recycle the video card out of that system? the system is quite old and im looking at a new build now but it would be nice to use the 9600gt for another year or so as it is still plenty of power for me.

im looking to be on the safe side and just use a new psu, can i build anything decent to stick my hard drives and 9600gt into for 2-300? im looking to definatly upgrade it in the future. I could also reuse my case

required parts, mobo ram cpu and possibly gpu?
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  1. Sure you can keep that gpu .... It is PCIe ? ... as long as it is not AGP !!

    You might as well get a P2-955 ... Well under $400 with combo discount and HSF.
  2. thanks man, i forgot to check this thread for awhile and came to a similar idea and you confirmed it!
  3. for anyone who might find this thread similar to their situation this mobo is a bit better, esp when bundled as no integrated gpu

  4. Looks like a plan !
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