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So i recently put together an upgrade for a computer.

The parts were a reused WD 200gb Hard drive
Asus M4A785T-M
Patriot 2gb dual channel memory DDR3 1333
Diamond 5450
Cooler Master Extreme Power 460 Watt PSU

Anywho.... When I boot it boots everything. But as soon as it gets to the screen where Windows XP loads with the bars. It immediately freezes and crashes then reboots! Please help :P
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  1. If the chipset manufacturer has changed, did you reinstall XP or perform a repair install?
  2. Well The old manufacturer was Asus, and this is a factory built computer that i just happened to upgrade for my father :P So what else can I do?
  3. Asus build motherboards based on several chipsets. Start by making sure that the SATA controller is set to IDE, not AHCI or RAID. If that still doesn't work and the crash error is 0x0000007b, then perform a repair install or a new install.
  4. How would i preform the repair install? I mean the Sata controllers are set to IDE but still it doesn't work but for some reason the still a bad boot :P
  5. Select repair when you boot from the installation CD.
  6. Lol Umm it was factory, so they didn't give me a boot/install disk
  7. Why didn't you replace the motherboard with an identical one? If it was an upgrade, then get a copy of Windows 7 and perform a fresh install.
  8. aznshinobi said:
    Lol Umm it was factory, so they didn't give me a boot/install disk

    Do you know anyone that has an XP Disk ?? (should be able to use any XP install disk ) - though most factory installs have a restore partition that you could use to reset the system (usually using F8 or another key depending on the factory while booting) - problem there is it will reformat the primary partition and restore it to the factory defaults so you will need to reinstall all of your programs afterwards.
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