This is my first asus build. i7 930, 6gigs kinston 1800 ram, p6t se mobo, atapi samsung cd-rom sata, velociraptor 300mg hd sata, hd5870. Everything went together smooth, seems to post fine with one beep, can get into bios fine. Went in and set boot priority 1 as cd-rom and priority 2 as hd and saved. But when I restart and try to boot win 7 64 bit, nothing. I have also tried to install win xp, same result. I get the dreaded "select boot device and press any key screen". I successfully flashed to the current version of bios. When I go into bios config, I can see that both the hd and the cd-rom and on sata ports 1 and 2 so I assume they are being recognized. But I noticed when I hit reset, that the very short first screen that appears quickly stated, no drive detected. Is there a specific way i need to set up bios to 1.) boot form cd-rom, 2.) rcognize hd to boot os to? I have built many other pcs using gigabyte and msi mobos/bios with no problems, so this has got me stumped/frustrated?? I see many others having same problem on multiple blogs, but I have yet to find anyone who can answer. PLEASE HELP! Bios defaults set to ide, but I have tried switching to achi with no luck.
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  1. Read on another related forum that this might there is possibly a specific way to hook up your sata ports i.e. cd-rom to sata port_, hhd to sata port_, etc. Anyone how is successfully running a p6t in which you load up windows, could you say what sata ports you utilized.
  2. SOLVED=since everything else looked good, went back and started checking hardware for an issue. I was thinking it was a bios/compatibility issue since pc posted correctly etc., and I had bought 2 cd-roms, in which, problem persisted. I used a 3rd cd-rom (all were sata) and win7 loaded right up.?? After examining the first cd-rom, must of been a lemon, didn't work in an older pc, second new cd-rom=the L=shaped power adapter on the back was broken (L-shape was broken off) permiting the cd-rom from getting enough power to spin the cd, but preventing it from getting enough power to fulling run the cd to load the os. It was just bad luck buying two bad cd-roms in a row (a samsung and a in-lite). When is doubt, go back and check your hardware for small "unthinkable" problems.
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