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Sometime in towards the end of this year I'm going to be putting together an IvyBridge-E system for a friend. I already use a Zalman Reserator XT on my current (very old) main PC, and have been quite happy with it, and my friend is impressed with how quiet it is compared to his current (also very old) Dell PC.

However I know the XT is aluminium and that's basically a no-no these days. So, what I am hoping to do is put together something with similar simplicity, but based on a more regular metal like copper. In order to get a feel for what's out there at the moment and to allow me to mull over the options, can others here give recommendations for water cooling kit? Low noise is the main reasoning for using it, not overclocking as such, but any decent overclocking without adding much if any noise would be welcome too.

I've noticed the sticky regarding water cooling, but it seems to be quite a lot to take in. If however that's the best place to get the info I need, then I'm happy to be redirected to it (and links to other places with up to the minute info on current best products are also invited).

Cost is not so much a factor at the moment, though I'm not planning on heading into phase change territory.
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  1. Water cooling sticky is really the starting point. Yes there is a lot to take in and you may find that you need to go through it a few times to absorb most of it. We are here to clarify any concerns you may have. As far as kits , not including all-in-ones (which seem to be a dime a dozen anymore) my personal feeling is the the XSPC Raystorm kits are pretty hard to beat for a basic setup.
    My $0.02 here
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