How to test a new card's functionality

Today I received my new Xfx Radeon HD 4770 which I ordered from (Canada).
I don't have my PC here right now . My PC is back home.

I want to test this card to make sure it doesn't have any problems before 30 day RMA period. I live in my university's residence, and all of my friends have laptops, no PCs.

There's one not so close friend of mine who has a PC.
I want to test my graphics card in his PC. I don't want to cause much trouble to him by screwing up the drivers in his computer.
If I insert the card, boot up the PC and see that the OS works (without drivers), will it prove that the card is functional?
Or should I also install drivers and try to run a game?
Are there any other things to test?

Any help is appreciated
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    For quick functionality, simply plug it in, plug a monitor in, and boot. If the POST screen comes up, the card could still have a malfunction, but odds are very slim. But yes, that is the best way to test its functionality.
  2. FurMark is a good program to stress your card like no game can. Ummm... don't run it overnight.
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  4. thanks for replies
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