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I have a wireless network using a linksys WRT120N. Our new Sony laptop with built in network adapter connects fine, but my desktop, using a NETGear WG111 V2, will not coonnect. The computer recognizes the adapter and the network name, but fails to connect. Any help?
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  1. WG111 is wireless G adapter and perhaps the router is set to N only rather than N and G mode or mixed mode.

    Change the router wireless mode or buy an N type wireless adapter for the desktop.
  2. Patric, don't hijack other threads -- it creates confusion.

    There are a couple of ways to secure a network. Access List includes only users whose wireless adapter's MAC ID has been included on an admission list. But requires maintenance of the router each time you have a new user. It's also not very secure because it's possible to fake a MAC ID and trespass.

    Better (as it sounds like your tech has) to set up wireless security and give out the passphrase to all the users (with a strict rule about not passing it on).

    The penalty is that the passphrase can be quite complicated -- indeed if the tech has used WEP the passphrase will be a string of meaningless HEX code. If possible, change security to WPA as this uses intelligible alphanumeric names and is actually more secure.
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