How can I get the SLI done?

Hi every expert,

I can not find where to enable my Asus engtx260 SLI in my ASUS CG5290 desktop which I think used Rampage II gene board. I can see my two GTX260 exactly under the device manager, but I just do not know how to enable the SLI mode. I have the latest nvidia driver 196.21. I have tried many ways as I can to turn on the SLI mode, but I failed. I don't even know where I can find the option. I was try follow the Nvidia help to look under the 3D Setting, but it isn't worked. Is anyone can help me for that?

Thank you for the help!

power supply 700w
2 gtx260
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  1. Download and run CPUz, this will tell you what mobo you have and more importantly which chipset it has because as SLi is enabled via the NVIDIA Control panel if both cards are being recognised then that's where the option to enable SLi will be.
  2. I have
    chipset: intel X58
    SB: intel ICH10R
    Model: ASUS CG5290 (used Rampage II GENE BIOS)

    that is all I can see

    Thanks for helping
  3. all x58 can run sli and crossfire
    have you looked into the nvidia control panel, also not every game can utilize sli or crossfire technology
  4. druglee said:
    I have
    chipset: intel X58
    SB: intel ICH10R
    Model: ASUS CG5290 (used Rampage II GENE BIOS)

    that is all I can see

    Thanks for helping

    I was on the Blackberry before and googling on that thing is a PITA, if SLi will not enable then it could be the PSU that is the weak link. In the control panel you should see this:-
  5. Also, check BIOS settings. I don't think the nVidia drivers overrides them.

  6. Thanks for every help!

    Unfortunately, under the 3D setting, I can only see "Set PhysX configuration" but no "SLI configuration". I had a 700W PSU with no overclock i7 920. I used 196.21 driver for both gtx260. Is there any thing I can do to see the "SLI configuration" option? Thank you!
  7. If the cards are all connected up OK then I don't think your PSU is up to the task especially if both cards show up in the windows device manager, you could try reinstalling drivers but I don't think that's going to help.
  8. So, basically it would be the problem of PSU? or anything else?
  9. If the cards work when used individually and are in the correct slots and the SLi bridge is fitted then it's the only thing left, I have had issues with rigs in the past that were not SLi'ing a pair of 8800GT's with a 600w PSU so a pair of GTX260's on a 700w generic sounds like a bit of a stretch to me.
  10. The other thing is that when I used Everest to look at the motherboard ACP then DSDT, I saw the "SLI Certification" is "Not present". Is it mean that the motherboard not support SLI or it is normal?
    Thanks for the mousemonkey patiently help!
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    Whilst the X58 boards can do both Sli and Crossfire I think they need a BIOS cookie for SLi but not for Crossfire and if the board maker has not bought the licence for that board then you will be in the unenviable position of having a board that is capable but not enabled. It might be worth having a Google to see if you can find a BIOS that enables the SLi for your board but I'm not sure where you find it.
  12. Thanks for everyone's help!!!

    Finally, I got my two Asus gtx260 running in SLI mode on the Asus CG5290 desktop!!!

    A little guide for who has the same problem
    What I have done:
    1. change PSU from 700w to 950w
    2. flash a new BIOS which had compacted SLI Certification
    3. reinstall windows
    4. install the latest Nvidia video driver
    5. FIRST TIME saw "SLI configuration" and TURN IT ON!
    6. got things fly...

    Again, special thanks for the mousemonkey's patient work with me!
  13. Shweet, I'm glad to hear you got it sorted mate.
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  15. I have the same problem. What bios did you flash ? I Have the same PC .
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