Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

after my installation of the sniper ghost warrior .... the visual c++ installation box appear and ask me to install or not. I agree this. This new software makes another games can't be played. When I open DotA, the game isn't utilized and I saw the message box that says microsoft visual c++ runtime library errors .
The antivirus system is now detected all the exe files as win32/Dzan. C virus.
What can I do for this .... my antivirus system is ESET smart security ( free ware)
... Can I get some advice? ( I uninstall all my virtual c++ using control panel )
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  1. "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library " is an essential windows library files which is supplied by microsoft itself.. so nothing wrong with VC++....

    have you purchased ***sniper ghost warrior********** or just downloaded a cracked version from internet, if this is the case, its all your own risk...

    antivirus could help, try avira antivirus
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