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Hey Folks,
Some great advice over the last week, I am down to my final build.
With a $500 CAD budget I have gone with this:

Athlon II X4 630
Asus M4A785T-M/CSM
2gb Ram
Asus HD5570
Win 7

I have gone with the HD5570 because of DX11. Will I get better performance from a 4xxx card?
A number of contributors have suggested the X3 rather than the X4, thoughts please?

Thanks again, I will be buying tomorrow.
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  1. ^ What will you be mainly using the PC for ?
  2. Hi gkay09,
    Thanks for the reply, you helped me out last week. I was asking about onboard gpu.
    The system will primarily be a home pc, word, excel, email, internet limited photoshop use, media player etc..
    I do want some gaming capability, running at 1280 or 1600 with a decent frame rate.
    I am looking to upgrade in the future I want a board that will give me another couple of processors and a couple of video upgrades.
    The initial upgrade in a couple of months will be more ram.
    I am a fan of the car racing games, nfs series, dirt etc.
    The X4 is $10 more than the X3 and the 4870 boards are more expensive then 5570.
    Thanks again.
  3. ^ Yeah...sorry I forgot...

    And as for the above config, the 5570 is good but again it depends on the game...If you will be sticking with those games that you had listed on that post, then it will be fine, but you might have to turn down the quality and settings though...

    Or as said in the previous post, change to the X3 and with the money saved, get the HD 5670...then it would be a decent gaming PC as well...

    And not to mention the possiblity of unlocking the 4th core...
    And from where are you getting that mobo and for how much ?
  4. Athlon II X4 630 $102.99
    Asus M4A785T-M/CSM $84.99
    2gb Ram $59.99
    Asus HD5570 $95.99
    Win 7 $108.99
    $510 after tax.

    Thanks again. Off to work soon so these quick replies are excellent.
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    Well that combo deal that I had linked in your previous thread would get you a better mobo with SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 and also the lack of onboard video on that board wont matter as you will be buying a discrete graphics card...
  6. Thanks for the help and advicethe 5670 is the routs I am taking, now just need to play with pricing.
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  8. ^ Good...and mainly lookout for combos as those really save some money...
  9. ^ Lolz...I dint say Good for the Best answer selection but for your decision :P
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