I'm not sure, do these load temps look okay? (another i7 930 thread)

This has been asked a billion times probably, but I'm just trying to get answers for my specific setup. I have a stock i7 930 @ 2.8 with a Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme hsf on it, with the cpu fan exhausting toward the back of the case. Nothing on my system is overclocked yet. Here are my system specs:

Antec Twelve Hundred (with side panel fan and internal 120mm fan)
i7 930 @2.8 w/ Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme hsf (neither are lapped, TX-3 TIM applied)
ASRock X58 Extreme 3 Motherboard
Antec CP-850 psu
G.Skill RipJaws ddr3 1600 (4GB)

At idle these are my temps (low cpu fan speed)
System: 36
CPU: 37 37 36 32
Dist. TJ Max: 63 63 64 68

So I ran prime95 blend 100% cpu and these are the temps I'm getting

CPU: 77 77 72 71
Dist. TJ Max: 24 24 28 29

CPU: 73 73 69 68
Dist. TJ Max: 27 27 31 32

I know people say that load temps, not idle, are what matter, So what do you guys think of these temps considering I haven't overclocked yet at all? I'm thinking possibly getting a different hsf or thermal grease. Thanks alot for your help!!
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  1. Those temperatures seem a bit high considering you haven't overclocked at all... How much paste did you apply?
  2. well the TX-3 that the hsf came with was IMPOSSIBLY hard to put on, so I ended up putting a good chunk on it (probably 5 grains of rice size) before I could finally get it flat enough to spread on .... thinkin it may be too thick of a layer?
  3. yea i tried that and that stuff just peels right off no matter how you try to spread it ... i think i'm just gonna go with AS5 as its much easier to work with
  4. Tx3 is some of the best Paste on the market, and works incredibly well. you have certainly applied far too much though, and i imagine thats why your temps are so high.

    the thicker stuff needs to be spread before fixing the HS. put a small piece of cling film/glad wrap on your finger to spread the TIM evenly across the CPU, then add another small drop the the center.
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