How are these temps on a 3570k?

I'm using a 2nd Gen H60, fan at 900RPM, random 'ZP' thermal compound, VCore 1.14, 4.2GHz. After running prime for a bit Core '0' gets to about 68C, and core '3' gets around 77C.

Don't know if this is right? Just concerned because temps don't really seem to go up more than 4C if I turn the fan off, and I know the H60 is crap but the temps seem quite high. Just came from thinking the sensors in my processor was wrong and running it at 105C (stupid mounting bracket wouldn't fit my motherboard so cooler didn't fit right), don't know if its right yet.

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  1. you better turn off your pc and fit the cooler right
    read the manual of the h60
  2. Make sure your Heatsink will fit that Motherboard cause you can Hurt your Cpu Bud!!

    Also go into Bios & disable Fan Control on your system fans so they can Go to Fullest Speed for Cpu heatsink Fan!! & keep in Mind Ivy Bridge throttles at 105 C. If you want to play conservative and be safe, I'd advise keeping it under 90 C!!!

    I have a I5 3570k & have it Oc at 4.8ghz with Max temps of 86c 8hrs stress Testing!! with 1.43Vcore
  3. I did read the manual and know how to fit it, it worked fine on my last motherboard. For whatever reason on this one, I put the posts through, the bracket over the cooler and put it into place, but the bracket just rests on the posts, so no matter how tight the screws are it wouldn't actually make a better contact with the CPU. Fixed it with a bit of messing though. Fan control is being ran through speedfan.
  4. ya weird man always make sure heatsink fits the mobo & supports the cpu :) & at 4.2ghz u can leave your Vcore on Auto & it shouldnt go past 1.2v stay under that on CPu-Z!!
    If you wanna Go Higher on your Overclock I recommend better Water cooling like H100i or H80i.... Also I5 3570k I have it & I took it apart Delidded it re put New Thermal Paste on it & Temps knocked down 40c :)) here is Video to learn how to do it

    When I took it Apart OMG Thermal Paste look like it was Worth 5 bucks it was Bad Thermal Compound SMDH & I put Artic Silver 5 on there 40c knocked off on Water Cooling Antec 620 Push/pull Fans Pushing 1800rpm & 1700rpm
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