Hard drive affecting boot times

Hello, I recently installed a disk drive into a brand new computer, I've noticed boot times have doubled since installing it. The weird thing is that when a disk is actually in it, the boot time is normal... If anyone knows a fix to this it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hello,

    A disk drive? Do you mean an Optical Disk drive? If so - check your BIOS settings. It might be trying to boot off of your new ODD instead of your HDD. If that happens - your system wil;l try to boot off the ODD first - then your HDD which can cause longer boot times.
  2. ^+1 Yeah, what he said.

    Did you mean Floppy Disk drive, Optical Disk Drice (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray), or Hard Disk Drive?

    And set your boot order in the BIOS to HDD, then ODD.
  3. Yeah optical disk drive, It's during the windows loading screen where the problem occurs, after the flag is formed It sits still for about 15 seconds extra. I've tried messing with the bios boot order, but I think it must be some other bios problem.
  4. Can you tell us what exact computer hardware you have? Motherboard, ODD, Power Supply, OS, and model names and numbers.

    In your boot order in your BIOS - are you able to completely take out the ODD from your Boot order? Not just put it last, but take it out.

    So your BIOS boot order should look like this:

    Boot order/priority
    1. HDD (or it might say the model name of the HDD)
    2. Disabled
    3. Disabled
    4. Disabled
  5. Ok, if it is slow "at the flag" then it is what it is loading upon start up.

    Run "msconfig" and check what programs are loading at start up.

    You can uncheck things you don't need or want, but be careful. Somethings you won't recognize, but are needed to run the OS. Leave anything from Microsoft.

    You might also look into a "Windows 7 Optimization Guide," such as here.

    The problem I've seen is that all the new software you install thinks that it is the most importent thing you have, and set themselves up to "run at boot," or very similar. Many, if not all, are not neccessary. They will run fine when YOU choose them to run.
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