NTFS System crash - what to do?

Hi all - question that i thought maybe some here could offer some advice. I have an old Dell system (i think pre dual core chips), and the hard drive just went out. It was the NTFS error, tried running chkdsk but that didn't seem to help at all.

so should i buy a new, cheap system (really to get windows 7) or try and just get a new HD and OS? obviously i have the key for windows (it was XP home media center), but don't have the disk so not sure how i can get it installed on a new HD.

i primarily use my computer for browsing, etc along with some photo processing (post vacation etc). however moving forward i would like to consider using it as a "media hub" from which to stream mp3s and video etc. to my main tv/speakers.

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  1. AFAIK, if you really have the key, you can just get a Windows XP installer, then use the key to activate it. Given the age of your current computer, I'd recommend getting a new one though.

    But first things first: have you tried reinstalling Windows XP on your current hard disk? Or trying your desktop's recovery CD? NTFS errors usually happen when some part of your drive gets corrupted, either from accident or because the drive is failing.
  2. I haven't tried re-installing, didn't want to overwrite any old data. MOST is backed up or on separate drives, but not 100% sure.

    I was able to use an old XP (not Media Center Edition) disk to get into recovery console, ran both chkdsk /r and /p twice but still no luck.

    does that mean the HD is failing (or basically already failed)?
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