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Hi all, this might sound quite silly as this is my first build and there is probably an easy solution but I need some help please. I placed my cd drive in the top bay and 2x sata hard drives at the bottom of the case. The power lead has 3 sata connectors but if I plug in the 2 HDD then the other power lead won't reach the cd drive. Is there like an extension lead I can buy or will I have to cut and lengthen 1 for the top drive? Oh the psu is at the bottom of the case.
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  1. Is there only 1 lead with sata power? If you don't have another you can use the molex and get an adapter to change it to sata like this.
  2. You will need to either buy an adapter or like the one kaa0653 mentioned or try moving your drives closer together.
  3. The simplest approach, if your PSU only has one SATA power lead, is to use a molex->SATA adapter on a PSU molex lead if you do not want to move your drives.
  4. Thanks for your quick replies. It seems I'll be going back to the shop today to get one of these adapters as I don't want to move my drives. I just find it hard to believe that they make these cables so short. I would have to move the optical drive to the lowest bay and my hard drives to the highest just to make the cable reach.
  5. Extension but doesn't the psu have another set of connectors you can use? You can cut and lengthen ofcourse but personally I wouldn't want to cut it on a new psu. Especially for the warranty.

    Anyway, extension...
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