Memory Interface vs memory size? NVidia SLI in AMD System?

I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I can't find the answer,

Whats better to go with for a graphics card? a higher Memory interface? or a higher Memory Size? I see a lot of cards that have either one higher then the other. From what I remember of my old school gaming days is that the 32 bit SNES was far more inferior to the 64 bit N64, the graphics were much cleaner and crisper but the games seemed to run at a steady frame rate as they were designed to. So i'm guessing the bit interface is the final rendered detail of the graphics? and the Memory size determines the rate at which it's read? Am I right?

So which would be the best to fork out on? I found this card with a higher 1gb ram size and a lower 128 bit interface . And this card with a higher bit rate of 256 but a lower memory size of 512MB.

Also... can I run an NVidia SLI bridge in an AMD processor and Motherboard? Or do I have to go with AMD's solution for an SLI (AMD CrossFireX)? :hello:
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    As for the SLI bridge it will work, just uninstall Catalyst and disable onboard video.
    The two cards are pretty similar, the RAM should be a deciding factor if you want to turn resolution higher than 1920x1080 and turn on full AA.,2446.html
  2. Wow, good article! Thanks.

    Looks like the 1GB HD 4890 has a lot of bang for the buck but they run about $200 a little more then i wanted to spend at the moment, found out that the 1Gb HD 4870 is almost as good but they run about $160 hmm... decision decision.
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