Blu-ray Drive not detected in BIOS, Partially Detected in Windows

I apologize in advance because this is pretty long and complicated, but I'd like some other peoples' opinions on this matter.

I built my first computer earlier this month, and so far the only component that's giving me trouble is my blu-ray drive. I have four SATA devices installed on my motherboard: a HDD, a SSD, a CD/DVD burner, and the troublesome blu-ray drive. When I first built my computer the blu-ray drive was detected in the BIOS and functioned properly in Windows (Windows 7 Ultimate x64). Currently all of these devices are detected in the BIOS except for the blu-ray drive. In Windows the blu-ray drive doesn't appear in My Computer folder; however, it does show on the device manager like so:

Trying to update the devices drivers with Windows fails. Also, I downloaded a live firmware updater from Samsung's site, but it was unable to detect the blu-ray drive. It did detect the DVD burner (Also produced by Samsung) though. Uninstalling the drive and rebooting resulted in the following message:

The drive opens and closes, so I'm relatively certain the power is hooked up properly. I've tried swapping the SATA cables out with the other SATA devices. My first assumption was that there was some physical defect with the drive, so I RMA'd it and got a replacement, but this drive is suffering from the same problems (Maybe I'm just unlucky?).

I first noticed that the drive wasn't detected within the BIOS after checking to make sure everything was working after opening up the case to hook up a case fan I had missed. I RMA'd the drive after spending several hours trying to fix it.

Thinking back, I recall receiving an error message regarding the drive after installing SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive, but I was too busy fooling around with a Sega Saturn emulator to pay much attention. I quickly checked the My Computer screen later that day, saw there was still a "BD-ROM E:" listed (I now realize this was the virtual drive which seems to have stolen my physical blu-ray drive's place), and didn't think much of it until I opened the case up again later that week. I've tried uninstalling the program but the drive is still missing.

I'm thinking of reformatting, but before I go through the trouble, I'd like to ask a few questions.

1. Could a program within Windows such as Virtual CloneDrive affect anything within the BIOS?

2. Any ideas why the drive isn't detected within the BIOS, but still shows up in the device manager?

3. Do you think this most likely a hardware problem (a problem with my motherboard perhaps or maybe I just got two bad drives) or a software problem (Virtual CloneDrive or some other program messed something up)?

I'd appreciate any input, thank you.
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  1. 1. No
    2. Either there's an issue with the SATA cable used to connect the optical drive to your mobo, your mobo's SATA port, or the optical drive itself.
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