$600 for everything but CPU RAM and MOBO

Hello there, this will be my first post.

I purchased

I plan on purchasing a hd 5870 for XFX as I hear there double lifetime warranty is that bad and hopefully down the line I can purchase another and crossfire. I concern I have is that the mobo I purchased can support it, however I believe the card might be too large to support two of them.

Thinking about purchasing
this hdd


and this optic drive

Just wondering if this setup will work, which case would be best for under $100 that has room for 5870 and good cooling, as I do not really want to purchase more fans. Not objective to purchasing a different power supply. And if I should try and wait for the price of the 5870 to go down, they seem to be sold out everywhere I look anyways.

I do realize it might be hard to keep this all under $600, but around that price should be fine.

thanks in advanced :hello:
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    Get this HDD instead: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB. It's faster, quieter and cooler. It's also cheaper/GB.

    HSF/optical are fine.

    PSU: Corsair 750W 80+ $100 after rebate (didn't see one listed...)
    Case: HAF 922 $90 after rebate. This is easily the best case out there. It's huge (bigger than some full towers), stays really cool, has a lot of nice features and is fairly cheap.

    I wouldn't worry to much about getting a XFX card. Right now, all of the cards are technically the same. Yes, the warranty is nice, but I certainly wouldn't pay much more for it.
  2. Thanks, was considering the seagate, just seemed in the reviews that there was somewhat large % of failure, so I wasnt sure about that one, the western digital seemed somewhat more reliable.
  3. The percentage is going to be higher mainly because the drive is newer. You've got to take into account that if the drive arrives DOA, people are more likely to leave a review than they are if it arrives in perfect condition. There's a saying that if someone has a good experience, they'll tell two other people. If they have a bad one, they tell ten others. That means someone with a bad drive will be five times as likely to leave a bad review. So with a newer product there hasn't been much time for the positive reviews to more accurately show the failure rate.

    This is one of the many reasons most of the people here don't give much weight to user reviews.
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