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I'm going to buy a SSD in a couple of days. Untill this morning I was pretty sure I would buy a 64gb Patriot Torqx 2. It's SATA II , I know, but I still have a 775 socket motherboard and I'm not planning any upgrade soon.

Also, I know that SandForce used to have some problems in the past.

BUT after reading a review of the Torqx 2, I started wondering if I should buy a OCZ Agility 3. The price is (in Poland) very similar and it has 16 flash chips instead of 8 like in the Patriot.

Still... SandForce... I dunno. Maybe it's good now. What do you recommend ?
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  1. I'd go with a Crucial or a Samsung. They're said to be more reliable.
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    What other brands are available in Poland?

    The Samsung 470 Series, SATA 2, 3Gb/s solid state drives are an excellent choice. There have not been any major problems or major issues with 470 Series. Samsung makes ssd's that are very reliable and stable.

    Here is a link to the ssd database:

    Scroll down to the Samsung section or any other brand you are interested in and follow the links to the technical reviews.
  3. We have most of the brands but it's the price that is the most important factor. I just don't want to spent too much. That's why I was thinking about Patriot or OCZ. But the price for Samsung's 470 series isn't too high though. I have to check them out.
  4. Just a quickie -> I've decided to pay a little bit more and I'm choosing Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 or Samsung 470.

    I'm more convinced to buy the m4 but it's the "low" write speed that worries me (95mb/s and samsung has 170). Is it really such a difference?
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