Performance gain of i7 over quad core q 9650????

My system is built with quadcore q9650 with MSI p45 platinum board. Recently I bought 5870. RAM is corsair dominator 1066. If I upgrade to i7 n DDR3 what
is the performance gain over q9650?? Do u recommend me to upgrade or stick to q9650??? Please advice... Thank you so much in advance. I'm a casual gamer but I do stuff like video editing n music recording.
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    There is not much of a performance benefit that you will see from upgrading from a Q9650 to an i7, unless the video editing program that you use can use more than four cores/threads. DDR3 will not show much of an improvement either. Just keep your Q9650.
  2. buy a good cooler, and overclock @3.8 ~ @4.0 ghz
    the cooler that supports the socket 775 and 1366, so you can keep
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  4. thanks guys
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