Use my old Hard drive

new to pc building I want to use my hard drive
from my dell intel based system.
it is 32 bit running xp.

i plan on new atx style case, power supply
amd based system.
will i have compatability problems or will the hard drive plug and play?
i am on a budget and want to wait on hd and os upgrade.
Thanks John
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  1. You can't just take the HD out of your Dell and put it in your new system without re-installing the OS. The old HD has registry entries and drivers for your Dell hardware. If you want a stable system you have to do a fresh OS install. It's best to save your pennies for a new HD and OS or you'll regret it.
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    The HDD should work. Just make sure you match the interface with the motherboard. If the cable connecting the HDD to the motherboard is a wide ribbon, it's an IDE or PATA drive, in which case you need to get a board with at least 1 PATA port. If the cable is just a normal SATA cable, you don't have to worry about anything.

    Something to point out is that unless you bought the XP disc yourself (i.e. NOT the disk Dell sent you), you cannot use the current OS on any system besides the Dell. The disc vendors send you with prebuilt systems is a recovery disc that you cannot install with. The verision of Windows they use is an OEM version that ties itself to that specific motherboard and cannot be used in a different build.
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  4. Hi
    thanks for the quick replies
    the disk is an oem version so i wont be able to use it.
    looks like i will have to buy a new os and hd.
    Thanks John
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