Will this motherboard fit these?

Will this motherboard

fit four of these?

I ask this because I was told that even though I can crossfire up to four cards, they may not all fit on the motherboard. Is this true?

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  1. You can put 3 of those on the motherboard since the 3rd and 4th PCIe slot don't have enough space between eachother.

    If you want quadfire get 2 of these:
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    Yes. This is due to the 4rth PCIe slot being only one space down from the 3rd. The card is two spaces wide.
  3. You will have to get dual GPU cards like the 7990 for for quadfire on any 990FX motherboard I have seen.

    Which leads me to my next piece of advice..

    If you can buy $1800 in GPU's you ought to buy a better CPU and motherboard than that.

    Motherboard: or

    CPU: or
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