Asus P7P55D Deluxe QVL... confused.

Ok, feeling dumb here. I'm planning on getting the above-mentioned mobo, in combination with an i5-650, which is supposedly 3.2ghz. But when checking Asus's site for the RAM QVL, it has lists "for CPU at 2.3ghz, 2.6ghz, and 2.93ghz", and nothing further.

Is the 650 at 3.2ghz just flat out not compatible with the P7P55D? Or does speed over 2.93 just not change anything and anything on that list is OK?
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  1. If the CPU is in the list, it's supported, don't bother with that.

    but get the i5 750 because it's a quad. Get some 1600 RAM.
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