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I like to watch my streaming Netflix and other media files while I play games. Since I am playing Lord of the Rings Online, I don't always have to totally be paying attention to what I am doing and get to catch up on shows I have missed. What I would like to do is have a dual monitor setup where I can go full-screen in the game on one monitor and full screen with the media player on the other monitor with the ability for my mouse to travel between the two like it does on my current extended desktop. Is this possible? I am using a 9800GTX+ at the moment and haven't found a way to do what I hoped I could and am forced to play in windowed mode on the right monitor, while extending the picture of the media player as far as I can on the left. I would love to get rid of the edges of the player and window of the game and have a cleaner presentation. What options do I have to achieve my goal?
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  1. I believe you can run fullscreen games on one monitor while your other monitor displays something else. However, I don't think you can have 2 fullscreened applications at the same time, unless you use virtual desktops. I am currently using ATI cards, and it's called HydraVision or something of that sort. You can check out what nVidia offers by going to their website.
  2. I just ordered a Dell wtih the HD5770. Would that be able to do what I am looking for?
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    The 5770 supports Eyefinity and is powerful enough to run your game and play a full screen movie for sure. This, of course, is game dependent but LoTR: Online isn't extremely graphics intensive and should be just fine. I play games full screen while I wait for my movies to buffer as well. Below is a link to ATI's site for more info.
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  5. There's an app for that, run a independent screen saver on the other screen(s).
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