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Will this Motherboard/Memory combo work out of the box?

My current motherboard is failing (one memory stick slot has burned out/failed, and more may be on the way) so I am looking for some good replacement parts that will still work with my Core2 E7200 LGA775 processor.

I have mostly settled on the MSI P43-C51 motherboard, and am also looking for some good-quality memory to go with it. With my budget for mobo, memory, and shipping sitting at a hard $270, I'm currently looking at four 2-gig sticks of DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) from Crucial (total of 8 gigs)

The Motherboard's manual that I got off the MSI website says it supports 1.5v memory, but the sticks I'm looking at are rated 1.8v. I've had lots of problems in the past with incompatible memory and motherboards that required me to dig into the BIOS to fix clock settings and voltages and would like to make sure my mother board and memory will work out of the box as best as possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    The newer boards prefer RAM voltage at 1.5V to 1.65V, find some affordable RAM that runs at 1.5V.
  2. Perhaps I should have broadened my horizons from the old DDR2 sticks. Newegg has some good sticks of DDR3 1066 which run at 1.5v for a good $20 less than the other sticks I was looking at.
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