Hd4650 or gt230?

i have ati radeon hd4650 1gb and nvidia geforce gt230 1.5gb... which one is better? i cant decide :(
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  1. Assuming the 4650 is DDR3, they would be roughly the same
    the GT230 would be better if the 4650 is DDR2, but not by a whole lot

    and you purchased this PC yet?
  2. Quote:
    I got both of those. And GT 230 is about 50% better I think.

    its an OEM card, who was selling it? HP? gateway?
  3. check out the hierarchy chart, the 230 is in between the 220 and 240

    so you are talking about a card that is better then a 9500GT DDR3 and not as good as a 9600GSO so lets not get all excited and call it a killer gaming card

    by the way an i7 PC (with DDR3 RAM) should be far better then a C2D PC
  4. Don't be dissing the 9500GT now. :non:
  5. Thnx guys ^^ i think gt230 is better ... i have tried it and it runs well on i5

    note: it came with hp computer
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