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OCing Monitor help!

I have a acer g235h 23" ($130) and I was wondering

Does anyone have exsperiance ocing monitors?

How long will my monitor last if I oc to 85Hz?

Could it hurt my grafics card?

Is it safe? (screen blow up?)

how do you OC a monitor? Software?

The reason why I learned about people doing this is brcause I want to buy a 120hz monitor that is 1440p maybe in a few years.

Thank You!!! :)
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    I will assume that this is a joke.

    You can't overclock the monitor, even, when that link on your thread says that "is possible". You CAN'T do that.
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  3. yeah that what I was thinking, also i knew someone was going to call me stupid for asking this but oh well.

    Thanks for replying
  4. Not problem, just don't believe in all that you find on Internet.
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