Corsairs *new* "VENGEANCE" ram modules

Hey everybody, i just checked corsairs webpage and found this:

It seems corsair has a new line of RAM , and i was wondering if anyone knows whether these modules run cooler than Dominator GT, ect ect.
In other words, are these to replace Dominator GT or simply be a lower grade?

A real kick in the pants for us in australia because we'd need to wait for months for these to come over, by then sandy bridge will have come out and a whole new line will be released... It seems like its never the right time to buy, huh? :(

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  1. These are just an new line and not an replacement for Dominator's. As for cooling, I would still give the advantage to the Dominator's but they are an improvement over the other Corsair models.
  2. They haven't got the price yet.. If it is cheaper than Domi, then it's worth a try. the name 'Vengeance' sounds cool .
  3. The specs suggest the same memory modules with a different heatsink design.. May be using different IC's as well to keep the costs in check.. IMO, nothing that exciting over the Dominators..
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