560ti DC II TOp cooling

So i just bought some small Zalman VGA ram heatsinks and it told me to put it on top and bottom of the graphics card ram heatsink. Just to make sure before i put it on the top and bottom of the graphics card i wanted to make sure if its electricity conductive or not. My graphics card is nvidia geforce gtx 560ti direct cu ii top. Also how much heat can a gpu ram take? When im playing games like bf3 i get temps up to 146 F and when i touch on top of the ram on the gpu and it was burning hot.
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  1. They get hot, but your 64 degrees celsius (146F) is nothing to worry about.

    And yes, they are aluminum thereby making them VERY electrically conductive.
  2. No i mean like if the thermal tape on it is electricity conductive
  3. The thermal tape is insulative.
  4. I don't understand you.... so is that electricity conductive or it isn't? On the top of the vga ram there's metal parts and im scared that if i put the thermal tape on there with the heat sink it will be a short circuit.
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    The thermal tape transfers heat, not electricity
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  7. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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