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I am upgrading my I5 760 cpu and Biostar h55 hd motherboard, to a i7 3770k and MSI z77a-gd65 motherboard. I also bought a OCZ SSD 120g. I plan to install windows 7 home premium on the ssd(new oem).My question is, can i still use my old seagate 1t hdd with windows 7 home prem,steam games, and origin games ? Will it still work, or will i have to wipe it clean?Just to be clear ssd for windows only, everything else on old hdd. Thank YOU in advance,still learning this stuff,and loving it .p.s. i just use my pc for games and little web surfing.
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    You don't have to wipe your HDD. It's fine. Just run in a clean install of win7 on your SSD.
  2. After all the Microsoft downloads, patches, and fixes Windows 7 will use up somewhere around 20 to 22 Gigabytes (a lot depends on configuration). You have a 120GB ssd. What are you going to do with the unused ssd space? Typically a 128GB ssd has space for the operating system, software applications, and your most favorite games.
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