Water cooling system leak

Have just started to check a problem due to noise or leak in the water cooling kit for a friend.
The problem is I can hear air/water leak from the reservoir tank. This is the screw in button that is on the top.

So far the screw top was already a little loose. when applying pressure to the pipes the air/water seems to escape so now afraid to turn on the system again because it has become so loose. Then decided its time ask here.

what I would like to know is could this be a common problem. That just buying a new one will fix.

If not then its a new reservoir tank.

Just hope so then i might as well get some new tubes and maybe renew some of those that seem to have gone alittle softer than we would expect
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  1. I would start here by replacing the O-ring at the top screw. I would think that would be all that's needed. But if you're looking for an excuse to buy water cooling goodies... "Oh that's the worst I've ever heard of... replace it all I say" (how's that?)
    Hope it helps
  2. I managed to make it worthy of another couple uses. Until we work out replacing the old parts for new. and maybe upgrading the res as for now though its nice to know that about O-rings i might have some handy in tool box.I noticed that the top screw had a cut from one end of thread to the other. And managed to bung it up for now so the water cannot escape.

    The water cooling isnt my scene but its interesting to learn from this kit i am currently testing.

    Anyways thanks for your 2 cents has been somewhat useful
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