I have the wierdest issue plz help

i have cpu:e7500 core2due 2.9
ram:3.00 (1giga ram bus 667) *(2giga ram bus 800)
mb :ep31 ds3l
i renewed my processor from 3.00ghz normal to this e7500 also i i added this 2 giga ram , plus i installed windows 7
the problem is pc freezes in random times i cant click or use caps but i can see the screen , but i have to restart ... also i explored that when i restart my router it causes freeze aswell O_o ... i tried that on clean mode , no freeze when i restart router but i didnt w8 to long to see if it will freeze itslef or no ... coz pc can stay for 7 hours + without freeze it freeze in very random times dunno what is that :sleep: so if u plz got a solution for that i would be thankfull :bounce: coz this made me crazy :pt1cable: thx for reading hope u rply asap
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  1. I would remove the 667 ram and see if your problem goes away. The performance difference is very small.
  2. i did that , still getting freeze only when i open media player , or i turn off router ....lol dunno what is that *** .. i updated bios from FB to FC .. still got the same problem plz somebody help me
  3. Mixing different ram sometimes doesn't work, no matter what settings you use. If you didn't have the problem before adding the new ram, you can sell your old ram on craigslist and look for some used 2x2 gb ddr2 kits; I've seen them as low as $40. Use them in dimm slots one and three, which have the same color. They are marked by white id, or check the manual.
  4. ty for fast replay , bro i removed the 667bus ram , and i tried with 2giga bus 800 ram .. problem still exist .....i tried both rams 667 1giga each ram ,still exist O.o
  5. There are bios updates, but they don't list any ram issues. Flashing can result in a dead board. Check your bios version on the post screen; fc is the latest approved bios, or there is a beta version fdc available. If you already have bios versions fc or fdc, do not flash. If you do flash, disable any boot block or flash protection settings in the bios, and the windows firewall in the control panel. Then proceed with caution; flash usually proceeds with a small black screen; the old file is erased, the new file is loaded, then checked for accuracy before you are instructed to reboot or it does it automatically. Haven't used gigabyte's flash programs, so don't know how easy they are to use. Last check is for a heat issue. This can be tricky if it's the power supply or video card. Can't really help you for these. I use core temp, but it doesn't cover the video card, just the cpu. Some other programs are available, but may not be accurate for your board. Good luck.
  6. i dunno what i can do .. = ( i used xp working fine , but seven keep freeze when i turn off router or using windows media player
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