Black screen on start up


i7 930
mobo: X58A UD3R
2 x kingston 2GB 1333Mhz CL7 (not a typo - this mobo takes dual channel as well as triple - Gigabyte swear its true)
Gigabyte Radeon 5850
WD caviar black 640 GB

When I first built the system a month ago it ran without a problem. Never tried overclocking - didn't touch the BIOS (it was version 1 at that time). Then two weeks ago I got a black screen on start up. My mate advised me to try clearing the CMOS. I cleared the CMOS and it started up fine.
I immediately Q flashed the BIOS to version 5. And the computer continued to run like a dream.
I never fiddled with the BIOS. Never overclocked.
Today i tried to start it up and I get the same black screen on start up :cry:

Only this time when I tried clearing the CMOS to solve it, it didn't work. :cry:

Any adive. I've written to the gigabyte tech support but from past experience I'm not expecting any great revelations from them

thanks in advance if you can help
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  1. Is this your RAM?

    I would try booting with each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot. If you can get it to boot, you should manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to their rated specs in the BIOS. Using "auto" settings for RAM rated over 1.5v often caused stability and other issues.
  2. Hmm. That's my RAM...but trying what you said, a single RAM stick in the first RAM slot doesn't get it to boot.
  3. Do you have a system speaker so you can hear the BIOS beeps? You could try booting without any RAM installed. That should give you a beep code. There are some great suggestions by jsc at the end of the troubleshooting sticky.
  4. What kind of PSU?
  5. PSU corsair 750 W

    I'll try booting with no RAM tonight.

    system speaker...I'm a bit of a beginner - I guess you're not meaning speakers that I plug in the back of the MOBO -which I do have.

    I have a CM 690 II advanced case, and there was a tiny speaker which came with it, but i couldn't work out what to plug it into. I couldn't find that info in the mobo manual and because the pc seemed to be working fine..I didn't bother. I still have the speaker. Where would it plug in?

    I listened closely when I start up, and something makes a beeping noise...but I'm not sure if it's the graphics card or the MOBO. As far as I can tell the hard drive doesn't make any noise at all - as in, I don't think it's even spinning. And the only other things that are running are the various fans.

    There's a couple of lights, orange green and yellow on the MOBO that are lit. Apart from that no sign of life.

    I'll have a look at that sticky when i get time later tonight.
  6. Examined the manual and the lit LCD's denote two of the three following, either loaded CPU loaded North bridge or loaded memory...though I think there's a mistake in the printing, because it assigns NB and memory loading to the same LCDs.

    Booting with no RAM doesn't work.
  7. Just read the sticky and will go through this evening everything it reccomends - and fit the system speaker.
  8. OK. I've been through the whole checklist. And none of them were mistakes I could find in my system.

    I stripped out everything except for the CPU and its cooler.
    On start up there is just silence and the LCD lights indicating load on the CPU, memory and / or NB.

    The only possible source for a short out I can see is the back plate of the CPU cooler. It might be touching the case - the back plate hole is too small. I will try insulating it tonight.

    If this has no effect, from what I understand from your thread, it means its a problem with the mobo, or CPU or PSU...

    Is there anything I can do to test which one is faulty? So I can go back to the dealer and try and get the correct part exchanged?

    One last question regards clearing the CMOS. I read the linked thread. My board comes with a button at the back. I've tried holding that down (for a full minute- unplugged from mains) with no effect. I was going to try removing the MB's battery. As far as I can understand from the manual, the MB only has one battery.

    Am I correct - I won't be damaging the MB and endangering the warranty by removing it?

    A full system description:
    i7 930
    X58A UD3R
    2x Kingston Hyper X 2GB 1333Mhz CL7
    Corsair HX 750 W
    CM 690 II advanced
    noctua NH U12P SE
    WD caviar black 500 GB
    Gigabyte RAdeon 5850

    many thanks
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