Atom n270 or Core Duo T2350


I own a lenovo laptop (3000 N100) which has Core Duo T2350, 1GB RAM, 5400rpm harddisk.

I want to buy another laptop called Lenovo IdeaPad S12 2959 (very similar to this one):

It has Atom n270 with 2GB RAM, NVIDIA ION, 5400rpm harddisk.

My question is: which one will be faster for program compilation and simulation, like MATLAB, Quartus II, ModelSim etc.

I have read that Atom is a low-power CPU, but I didn't find any reference that specifics whether it will be better (or at least the same) then the Core Duo.

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  1. If you want to do anything beyond emailing and surfing the net, Atom is useless. The N270 isn't even a dual-core version.
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