Pc statrs, gets to windows, then BSOD flashes, then restarts

It doesn't actually get to windows it gets to the windows 7 loading screen or perhaps just beyond it now sure.

I have just built this computer, it's specs are:

i7 920 cpu
Megahalem cooler with Akasa fan
6gb OCZ Gold ram (using just 2 gb till it's working)
850w OCZ GameXStream psu
XFX i58 extreme mobo
Western Digital 640 gb hd (also tried a hitachi 160 gb and had same problem)

I am testing with an 8800GT for now.

I am currently performing a fresh windows 7 install on one of the harddrives to see if that fixes the problem.

It is running through the installation now, so does that rule out hardware malfunction?

I'm slightly concerned about the ram slots, as 3 don't work the green one, whereas the black ones supposedly work fine.

The computer gives blank screen when running ram in the green slots, but boots fine in the black, except for the BSOD error. So ram slots fine?

What could be causing this error?
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  1. ram is ur prob, idk xactly how
  2. Mmmm... Well it seems that my fresh windows install has fixed the problem! lol

    I have no idea why, i suspected that, as none of the hardware had been used with that hard drive before, that idk maybe, it was causing the system to freak out or something lol.

    Was just a hunch and i guess i was correct!

  3. oh ur 1 of those who take a hdd out of 1 system and hope it works on a completely different 1?
    that has worked for me once in my entire life, all the other times was bluscreen
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