Seagate GoFlex HDD stopped working.

I had put my computer on standby (running XP) for sometime with my hard disk plugged in and utorrent running. When I turned it back on the hard disk started making weird noises and then the computer stopped detecting it.... I had this hard disk for LESS THAN A MONTH and have valuable data on it.

I have the purchase bills but I'd rather have my data back than exchange it for a new hard disk.
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  1. Plug it in to another computer and/or another USB port, see if you can access the data.

    If the physical drive is making noise you might be SOL. I have two out of 3 GoFlex drives that went out in less than a year. I have even removed them from their cases and installed directly via SATA, no dice.

    I will never buy one again.
  2. yea I will plug it into a friend's computer and try it out by evening.

    but I guess the drive is making noise on my computer so I have my fingers crossed.
    Any suggestion which drives are the most realiable??
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