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how does animation working computer configuration
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  1. Best configuration for animation and rendering starts (and stops!) with your budget.
    After that you look at what hardware best suits the software you are going to use.

    It's not always about buying the best computer your budget will allow. If you're talking about freelance or contract work (earning income) you might want to be thinking about a render farm cluster of several less expensive computers. This can help you be a lot more productive when you're not tying up your animation workstation with long, time consuming rendering runs.
    Part 1. Your animation workstation
    Part 2. Your rendering computer(s)
  2. What animation process are you talking about.? 2D or 3D.? And as stated above, your budget, the software programs you wish to use and your intended purpose (learning or work) are essential for providing you with suitable recommendations..
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