Best Cooler

Best cooler

Liquid or fan witch what ever is better. Looking to overclock a 8350 or a 3570k. What would be the best to keep them cool. I want to overclock them pretty high

Something reliable below 200$ and really good for overclocking
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  1. For air: the best one on the market right now is Phanteks PH-TC14PE, then second best is Noctua NH-D14, then third best is Thermalright Silver Arrow, and then the fourth is Zalman CNPS12X.

    For water:...only FCWCL, IMHO.

    P.S. For more info on first three coolers that I've mentioned, watch this video.
  2. The best cooler is definitely the and also I recommend getting 4 of these because it's the best you can get
  3. Quote:
    And don't buy an AMD FX chip if you haven't already. They are so bad. Phenom II X4 is still good

    This is the only smart thing you said so far, out of all those walls of text. :\
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