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Hello all,
I just got my new 5770 today to compliment my other one, both same brand and model. However, my windows 7 machine with a GA-eP45-UD3P mobo does not detect the second card. Both cards work if placed in the #1 slot, but don't work at the same time. Both cards also get power (fans run) when both seated in their PCIe slots.
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  1. Did you plug in the Crossfire link, anywaay I need complete computer specs, like model and list of components.
  2. Yes I was. I actually ended up figuring it out. There was a screw close to the card that was causing the mobo to be bent a bit, also causing the very back of the card to be about a 64th of an inch from being seated properly. Removed the screw and re-seated the card, it worked.

    I hate technology. :fou:
  3. Don't hate it, as humans we will depend on it until the robots rise up against us. :D
  4. Its just fascinating that being a tiny, tiny bit, barely seeable by the human eye, out of the slot, it can make a system not work!
  5. I know, now imagine that if you don't apply $5 thernal grease on your CPU correctly, it could leak out, touch a mobo circuit, and short out your fully functioning $100 piece of metal.
  6. Don't even remind me about that!!
    After everyone kept telling me not to put too much on, I kept putting way too little.
  7. I read an article here on Tom's about that, I can't locate it though. Anyway it pointed me to an article an Anandtech about how to spread thermal paste. It suggested you use a two-line method. Use two rows about a third of the CPU apart. And use a line that isn't too thick, less than a grain of rice. Looking at the picture it covered about 97% of the CPU, sparing only the corners.
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