Recovery of an "unallocated" partition

After having used Partition Magic 8.0 on Windows XP, my "data" partition (no OS therein) is now considered as "unallocated" - either user error, or a batch error, I canot tell exactly. Let's assume a user error ...

and of course, my backup is even not worth a eurocent.

Does anyone know of a trustable tool that could make the file system in that partition again available ?

many, many thanks,

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  1. as additional information, there is no partition on the drive that Partition Magic can "undelete".
  2. Thks - I'll try that one right now.
  3. You can also try easeus partition recovery for free.
  4. R-Studio has definitively be an excellent solution .

    I have downloaded Partition Magic just to have a look.

    Acronis seems to be an interesting backup& recovery tool - I surely need one !

    Thansk you all
  5. Quote:
    This is a brief explanation of what has happened: Data Recovery After Partition Manager Crash.
    Well, maybe R-Studio can help. Here is its help, your case is Case 2 Recovery of files that have resided on a data disk with a damaged file system, or on a previously deleted or re-formatted partition.
    R-Studio is a pay program, but it'll allow you to estimate chances for file recovery by previewing them. Just double-click several files among Known File Types.

    I would like to thank you for your message.

    You've helped a lot!
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