HD4870 2GB DDR5 sapphire vapor-x issues

am having a really annoying issue in nfs shift and grid..and i want a fix for it..ASAP
in nfs the game crashes everytime i want to load a race... and GRID it get stuck in the 1st loading screen..so whats the solution???
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  1. The solution is to give us more information.

    Hardware specs, Temperatures (CPU, GPU), error messages (if any), GPU driver version.... etc etc.
  2. I had a similar problem a couple of times with NFS shift. You need to select a different resolution (lower), maybe with AA AF off, accept and exit the game. Then try again, start game, go to play. I saved a copy of a working graphicsconfig.xml file located in :
    my documents
    NFS SHIFT folder

    because, it seemed like I could get in a funky loop and the game would just keep crashing.

    So if you like, open your graphics.xml file in notepad, copy everything in here , from mine. The game should then start at "1680" height="1050"

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <class name="BRTTIRefCount" base="root class" />
    <class name="BPersistent" base="BRTTIRefCount">
    <prop name="Name" type="String" />
    <class name="GraphicConfigData" base="BPersistent">
    <prop name="Mode" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="Vsync" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="Windowed" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="TextureFilter" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="TextureResolution" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="Brightness" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="CarDetailLevel" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="TrackDetailLevel" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="ShadowDetailLevel" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="MotionblurLevel" type="Fct" />
    <prop name="EffectsDetailLevel" type="Fct" />
    <data class="GraphicConfigData" id="0xBB11E0">
    <prop name="Name" data="" />
    <prop name="Mode" adapter="0" width="1680" height="1050" antialias="0" refresh="60" />
    <prop name="Vsync" vsync="0" />
    <prop name="Windowed" windowed="0" />
    <prop name="TextureFilter" texturefilter="1" />
    <prop name="TextureResolution" textureresolution="2" />
    <prop name="Brightness" brightness="10" />
    <prop name="CarDetailLevel" cardetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="TrackDetailLevel" trackdetaillevel="2" />
    <prop name="ShadowDetailLevel" shadowdetaillevel="3" />
    <prop name="MotionblurLevel" motionblurLevel="3" />
    <prop name="EffectsDetailLevel" effectsdetaillevel="2" />

    This won't effect your profiles
  3. and what about grid? cause it really twisted my brain
  4. @brett1042002
    My Specs:
    -Rampage II Extreme
    -Core i7 940
    -HD4870 2GB Vapor-x DDR5
    -Thermaltake 700W PSU
    -6GB Ram Kingston
  5. Something out of whack indeed, patodoom. Both of those titles work flawlessly on my system, which is a few steps below yours in overall BangPowWhoosh. I like the card though, heh, had a chance to pick one up for 175 last fall, but decided to wait to see if fermi drops the price of the 58xx instead.
  6. happened to me before with a 4850..

    it turned out to be a busted card.
  7. @JofaMang
    am gna wait for GT480 ..i jst wana knw abt the prices. if it exeeds the 450$(in lebanon) am gna buy another HD4870 and crossfire it..voila! a mini ASUS MARS:):P
  8. Haha, awesome, thats a crapload of Vram :D
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