Why are Nvidia chipsets bad?

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..it says Nvidia based motherboards are not recommended. Apparentely Intel and AMD based motherboards are better. Why is that? What issues do the Nvidia boards have?
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  1. The NF4 was perhaps their last best chipset. After that they started to have many issues. Many ran hotter then the AMD/Intel chipsets. The 6xx series had an OCing bug that caused data corruption in your harddrive if you OC'd it. In addition while the P35 chipset would support 45nm Quads, the 6xxx doesn't. You need a 7xx chipset to do that. Features wise they are good chipsets, but there always seems to be something wrong with the total package.
  2. So, if someone wasn't planning on overclocking, Nvidia boards would be a good choice?
  3. Which chipset are you looking at. AT the moment we are talking general terms.

    I personally wouldn't bother with an Nvidia chipset. Compare one with an Intel or AMD and see what the differences are.
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