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Hello, acer note book i gave to my gf in Norway .I tested it in thailand was working fine .I purchased it in hawaii USA at costco.Now she cannot use it in Norway,its asking her for the security key. I have MCAFEE for virus protection.What is the security key .Help
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  1. Are you talking about a password or a wireless security key?
  2. i will find out thanks for replying. appreciate it.
  3. Ok sounds great!
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Are you talking about a password or a wireless security key?

    yes wirelees security key.isnt that the password you get when your at airport or hotel same thing right?
  5. Yes sometimes hotels or airports have this in place.Home wireless networks also have passwords.
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    She just needs the key from the network she is trying to connect to. She can get from the network owner.
  7. Thanks Col ,

    much mahalo
  8. even though it means anyone with physical access to the wireless router can see it lots of wireless routers

    have the security key and some even the administrator password written on the back or bottom of them
  9. thankyou very much sir
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